URIHI (Natives, Habitat, Interdependence Research Office) means “land” in the language of the Yanomami, one of the last ethnic groups in the Brazilian Amazon.
The Association (Natives, Habitat, Interdependence Research Office) is a project of reciprocal information and communication exchange between the South and North of the world.
URIHI intends to be the instrument:
- to break the monopoly of information and the partiality of great communication channels, with a view to set up a circuit of alternative documentation and diffusion;
- to contribute to a world opening and to the growth of a keener awareness and attention to the difficult problems between the north and south of the world;
- to stimulate the participation the responsability, the solidarity towards different cultures and way of life, in order to overcome the contrast between the two worlds.
URIHI offers: 

- an organisation for institutions and all those facilities aiming at the furthering and spreading of publications, inquiries, coverages, documentaries, on the above subjects;

- bibliographic, photographic, musical and video material;
- a complete production equipment for shooting and video editing.
URIHI organises:
- cinema and shows, exhibitions, cultural contacts. Attention is focused particularly on schools with educational programs and concrete initiatives of solidarity.