Intrecci TV 2007

For the second time, as from the 26th to the 30th of October, 2006, Turin has welcome the workshop "Terra Madre". 5.000 producers - peasants, breeders, fishermen and craftsmen from 150 countries - have participated in the meeting, promoted by Slow Food, as representatives of 1.600 communities of "good, clear and fair food". A very important opportunity, which has given people the possibility to compare different cultures, to exchange opinions, to proudly bring their food products and handicrafts, to feel stronger and more appreciated. They are part of a process that defends and preserves not only traditions and universal values, but also natural environment, now heavy threatened by globalization, in view of a sustainable model of agricultural and economic development. Interviews to the participants, from Italy to Peru, from Burkina Faso to Thailand, are followed by images of daily life shot in Africa, Europe and Latin America. Video