INTRECCI: sguardi sul mondo
is the title of a new monthly TV magazine, distributed by ADN Kronos to some 100 local TV networks. It is the first attempt in Italy to show the everyday life of the South of the world and to find points of contact with our reality, also through the work of the volunteers and the international solidarity.
is also an incitement to discover richness in cultural diversity: in life simple things such as traditional costumes, a millenary creative activity typical of all peoples.
by Giovanna Cossia and Marco De Poli. Realized by URIHI Association. Editing by Daniele Pizzi. Director of photography Pietro Brunero. Introduction by Hermana Mandelli.
Promoted by the NGO Gruppo per le Relazioni Transculturali, it is sponsored by the General Direction for Cooperation and Development of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.