Italian immigrants to the Americas

In 1882 more than 550 peasants from Veneto left Segusino, in the northern valley of the Piave, to colonize an area of the Mexican plateau. A century later and after 5 generations, Chipilo's (Puebla) dwellers still maintain not only the somatic features - blond hair and blue eyes - but also the original dialect of their forefathers. This is almost a unique event in the Italian migrants' story.

1994, by Giovanna Cossia and Marco De Poli
Length: 27'
Betacam format
The documentary, shot in Cilento and Venezuela, presents a few moments of Italian migration in the Fifties and Sixties, when people were attracted by oil boom in the south-American country. Tens of thousand people have moved there, bringing with them their story and culture. the poor rural world they left years ago is now changing, thanks to all those who have come back home. But also the economic and social role of those who have settled in Caracas has particularly grown, as we can see in the Italian-Venezuelan Centre or the Venezuelan-Italian Chamber of Commerce, joined by 60% of the small and medium entreprises of the country.

1995, by Giovanna Cossia and Marco De Poli
Length: 20'
Betacam format